After a period of isolation, of introspection and a journey inward, you step outside. Out into the world, emerging as a new self, prepared to face the external. Yet, as you come up for air, and cross over the threshold, nothing is as you remember it. There’s been a shift in the atmosphere and you’re overwhelmed by a sweeping, corporal sense of emotion. You can feel and see the tension, saturated in the air. As if the world is now cloaked in a palpable sense of feeling. Enter The Efferusphere.

You’ve set foot into a parallel dimension – one in which emotional energy defines the law of what you see, of what you hear, based on how you feel. The Efferusphere is the emotional atmosphere of life on earth. 

This phenomenon shakes you at your core, wholly exposing you to a seemingly impossible level of depth in introspection – but it is a safe space to be a witness to yourself. You can finally observe your emotions rather than simply feeling them. You’re struck by a sensation never experienced before: one you could not have possibly ever envisioned, akin to synesthesia for the soul. You find yourself physically surrounded by isolated emotional energy, as if they composite what we commonly understand as the weather & ether we move through.

Vocalist, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Big Wild (aka Jackson Stell), entered The Efferusphere by happenstance for the first time late one night in his music studio. In a hyper focused state, Jackson searched for a sound to express the overwhelming feeling of guilt for a song he was in the midst of writing. He struck a special frequency that allowed him to open up something deep inside himself. Suddenly, he became a witness to his internal emotional state surrounding him on an external level. 

Enthralled by this life-altering experience, like entering a world painted through the lens of magical realism, Jackson found himself captivated and inspired to open this newfound world to those around him. Thus, he returns after nearly three years with his highly anticipated sophomore album: The Efferusphere, out September 9th.

The album sees Jackson exploring the next iteration of his sound – one that is anthemic and focuses on the use of his voice as an instrument – intertwining deft production techniques that are reminiscent of disco, 80s & 90s rock, alternative and indie – with an undertone of modern sound elements signature to him as a producer. It pushes his sonic boundaries and ushers these influences into an entirely new era of sound, all to communicate this charged world he has discovered. 

All-encompassing, it’s a journey to the center that sees Stell exposing deeply intimate parts of himself to the listener: it vacillates from euphoric “Feel Good” moments in self celebration, and  returns to joy found in the inner child, to colorful, yet tense, indie-rock and power-pop electrified choruses that bring the outward world into his own experience. It’s an exploration of turmoil and frustration – but also the communal glee of life-changing connection as we learn to respond and relate to others through the guise of emotion. An exultation, it celebrates the darkness and the light we all live within in a truly raw manner. It’s an inescapable spiritual pull toward the underworld that exists all around us – The Efferusphere. 

For Stell, the Big Wild project was born out of an ethos of curiosity. Inspired by the vast and wild nature of Big Sur after a revelatory trip to the coast, beauty and spirit has been the heartbeat of the project ever since. Stell’s music career started in the electronic space where he gained global traction topping global viral charts along with his music appearing in major brand campaigns for the likes of Apple, The Olympics, American Eagle, etc. after his first releases and his debut album Superdream. As an artist his main endeavor is one of evolution as his music  crosses over genres. This forthcoming project is the ultimate representation as such. Truly genreless in nature, he is not confined by preconceived notions of modern sound. He delves deeper into his emotional capacity and encourages those around him to open their eyes and do the same. The Efferusphere is all around us. You just have to open your heart to it.